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Touring & Master Class Set Up

Mollenhauer Guitars Offers Two Levels of Guitars:  Touring Class and Master Class 

The Touring Class is an excellent quality, affordable guitar for entheuists and working musicians.

The Master Class guitar is our  high-end, top-of-the-line guitar for professional musicians who want the best of everything.  This is the level of guitar that all the pro's like Phil Brown, Jeff Watson, Paul Kingery, Dave Howard and Jon Bojicic are playing.

Touring Class Set Up Specs:

All Touring Class Guitars Are Set-Up By Hand To The Following Specs:

      1.   Tighten all screws and hardware from top to bottom

      2.   Inspect fingerboard for straightness

      3.   Inspect frets for proper seat in fingerboard

      4.   Inspect fret edges for rough edges. File down or shave edges as needed for optimum comfort and playability

      5.   Inspect and test pick-ups, switches and potentiometers

      6.   Oil fingerboard to prevent dryness (Except Maple)

      7.   Install factory strings and tune to pitch

      8.   Adjust truss rod for desired neck relief

      9.   Cut nut for proper fit and string height

     10.  Adjust bridge to set action for maximum playability

     11.  Check overall string height

     12.  Recheck neck relief

     13.  Set intonation

     14.  Adjust pickups for proper height and balanced output

     15.  Re-tune instrument to pitch and set in climate controlled room for 24 hours

     16.  Extensively play guitar and note any issues in playability and overall performance

     17.  Make final adjustments and re-play instrument

     18.  OPTION: upon customer request: Set pickup height according to customer’s specs.

     19.  OPTION: upon customer request: Setup instrument string action and neck relief to customers specs.   

Master Class Set Up Specs:

  1.   Includes all specs as shown in the Touring Class set-up

  2.   Master Class Fret Job - Fret Leveling, Crowning and Hand Polishing for ultimte guitar playability

  3.   Install Lollar or Vintage Vibe Pickups

  4.   Electronics hand wired with cloth insulated wire

  5.   American Made electronics, pots and controls

  6.   Shielded pickup pocket and pick guard

  7.   Install Tone-Blenders on SsT Models

  8.   Install Sperzel or Grover Tuners

  9.   Master Class bridges including Wilkinson and Stetsbar

We are the only guitar company that takes the time to ensure your guitar is set-up to professional specifications, by an experienced Luthier before it ever leaves our shop!

By the time it arrives to you it's -----


As the final step in our quality control process, each and every guitar is personally played and tested by Michael Mollenhauer.  Only when Michael approves your guitar will it be sent to you!



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