About Us
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We are a small, family owned, boutique style guitar company based in Orange County,  southern California.

For more than 150 years the Mollenhauer name has been synonymous with the peak of musical perfection. Composers and violinists extraordinaire such as Edward Mollenhauer and William F.T. Mollenhauer set the world of classical music on fire in the 19th and 20th centuries. Michael Mollenhauer, grandson to this musical legacy, has chosen to carry on the family music tradition of excellence by creating the first playable and collectible series of Mollenhauer Guitars that are ready to rock the world of 21st century music.

By choosing to own a Mollenhauer Guitar you’ve chosen to touch and become a part of one of the greatest musical legacies the world has ever known. Welcome to our world! Welcome to our family!

Michael Mollenhauer, President