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                                                "Tone To The Bone"

"Amber" - Our Mollenhauer Guitar Girl


Custom Route 66 SsT KlassiK Master Class


Quilted Red LP 36                                 Flame Black LP 36


Quilted Black SsT KlassiK                 Flame Tiger Eye SsT KlassiK 


Quilted Black G35                                     Flame Red G35


Flame Blue TeleSnaZzer                      Olympic White SsT KlassiK

Flame Tiger Eye M-Bass

Celebrity and All-Star Mollenhauer Guitar Players 

Paul Kingery - Three Dog Night

"My Absolute Favorite Guitar! Great Tone, Plays Smooth"

David Langley - Nashville Recording Star

"The Best Guitar I've ever played"! "Incredible tone, clean, fast neck"!

Jeff Watson - Legendary Blues Guitarist

"Played and sounded perfect the first time I played it"

Dave Howard - Instructor Boston Berklee School of Music

"A great guitar, all my students love it"!

Jon Bojicic - Tres Hombres


Jeff Cook - Founder of "The Alabama Band"

We Are A Proud Member of NAMM

We've Relocated To Dana Point, CA

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